Berkeys Now Offers Rinnai, World’s Leading Tankless Water Heater

Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, which installed more tankless water heaters than conventional tank-type heaters in 2008, now offers Rinnai tankless water heaters. Rinnai’s superior engineering, durability and support have made it the world’s leading brand.

Southlake, TX – May 12, 2009 – Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning hit a high water mark in 2008: for the first time, the company installed more energy saving tankless water heaters than traditional tank-types heaters. Now Berkeys is helping customers go green with the industry’s leading brand in tankless water heaters – Rinnai.

Tankless water heaters are doubly green because they use far less energy and they save money for homeowners,” Berkeys President Jamie Wooldridge said. “Rinnai is the industry leader because it makes a superior product that can be used in more places. We can even use Rinnai tankless heaters with recirculating hot water systems, something we couldn’t do with other brands.”

Tankless Water Heater Advantages

Tankless water heaters offer advantages that include:

  • Operating costs up to 40% less
  • Endless supply – heats water as fast as it is used
  • No wasting energy be re-heating water over and over
  • Flexible installation options inside and out
  • Longer service life – 20 years average
  • Most Rinnai units purchased in 2009 and 2010 qualify for 30 percent federal income tax credit, to a maximum of $1,500 credit

Wooldridge said Rinnai’s commanding market share is a function of the Rinnai’s quality, but also is due to some intangible reasons. “Rinnai has engineered their products so well the company stands behind them completely, even for the most challenging installations. We never hesitate to recommend Rinnai.”

Rinnai Works with Recirculating Hot Water Systems

Wooldridge cited recirculating hot water systems as an example that puts more demands on a water heater. Recirculating systems have a small pump that keeps hot water moving constantly through the pipes so it is at the tap anytime. That saves water because people don’t run cold water down the drain waiting for the hot water to arrive. But it also means the heater runs more frequently, causing more wear. Other manufacturers specify that their tankless heaters cannot be used in such systems, but Rinnai engineers theirs for use in recirculating systems.

Make Any Home Plumbing System a Recirculating System – No Extra Pipes

Berkeys also has a water-saving solution for homeowners that do not have recirculating hot water systems. Berkeys installs a small device that contains a valve, a pump and a sensor, near a faucet where the homeowner uses hot water frequently. Instead of immediately turning the hot water tap, the person pushes a button first.

The button opens the valve in the device and activates its pump, which immediately begins pulling cold water from the hot water line, then sending it through the cold water line back to the water heater. When hot water arrives at the faucet – 15-30 seconds later – the device closes the valve automatically so no hot water gets into the cold water line. When the hot water tap is turned on hot water flows immediately. No cold water is wasted.

About Rinnai

Rinnai America Corporation, a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation in Nagoya, Japan, was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Peachtree City, Ga. Rinnai Corporation manufactures gas appliances, including tankless water heaters, a wide range of kitchen appliances and heating and air conditioning units. Today, Rinnai is the largest gas appliance manufacturer in Japan and is the technology leader in its industry. Annual corporate revenues, including those of its subsidiaries, are in excess of $2.5 billion. With a global perspective to create 21st century products for the home and office, Rinnai Corporation commits itself to safety and the pursuit of comfortable lifestyles. For more information about the Rinnai Corporation and Rinnai products, visit

About Berkeys

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