Berkeys AC Repair & Air Conditioning Installation Reviews in Dallas Ft. Worth

Read real Berkeys HVAC Reviews from Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Southlake and more. Most of these air conditioning reviews are a result of the customer satisfaction survey that is emailed directly to customers following their service. To see more reviews, visit

“I already recommended Berkeys on FB this morning when someone was looking for A/C repair. Rich was very pleasant, kept us apprised of his findings and took good care of our needs. He was honest about aging items, but there was no hard pressure or upsell. Aside from leaving a jump cable on our A/C that keep the fan running constant, we had no issues. He also promptly came back to the house to remedy the issue. We would highly recommend Berkeys to our friends.”

- Air Conditioning, in Flower Mound on May 25th, 2017

“Truyen is one of the most professional and friendly technicians that I've had the pleasure of working with. While all the Berkey's techs are great, I always request Truyen on jobs and tune-ups because I know the job will be done right.”

- Air Conditioning, in Colleyville on May 23rd, 2017

“Great technician and I am very satisfied with the work completed. He was very neat and has a wonderful personality. I was skeptical about getting such a good price. I previously had unsatisfactory work done, but was assured the job would be to my satisfaction & it was. He arrived on time and explained what he was going to do. I will call on Berkeys again for service.”

- Air Conditioning, in Flower Mound on May 22nd, 2017

“Once again Mitch was prompt and punctual. He expressed concerns over age of lower unit and discovered a problem with the upper unit that has received a recall notice. After treating the problem area, we will monitor it's efficiency in the next 2 weeks to see if a replacement part is necessary.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Highland Village on May 17th, 2017

“We appreciated Mike's thoroughness in checking out all aspects of our unit. Mike is the kind of technician that makes you glad you chose Berkeys.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Lewisville on May 17th, 2017

“Mike was fantastic. I plan to ask for him any time we need service. I've passed on your information to our neighbors who are looking for A/C preventative maintenance as well..”

- Air Conditioning, in Flower Mound on May 15th, 2017

“Miranda who answered my call, was extremely helpful and very professional. Mike arrived and evaluated the situation and had my system up & running in no time. This is after a different company tried to sell me a new compressor! I am happy to report I have found my A/C repair & maintenance company. Thank you!”

- Air Conditioning, in Carrollton on May 8th, 2017

“The Berkeys tech who installed a new thermostat in my home this morning was of the highest professional and knowledgeable type. He was very exceptional. He was very clear when explaining the new thermostat to me, he thoughtfully answered my questions and made sure that I understood his answers. When he left my home I felt that I completely understood the workings of my new thermostat.”

- Air Conditioning, in Grapevine on May 3rd, 2017

“Very pleased with the service - as always - from Berkeys. Technician seems very knowledgeable, is friendly, and is experienced in checking what needs to be inspected to make sure that our needs are met. We appreciate having the same technician who has been here before. Knowing that the technician stays with the company speaks volumes.”

- Air Conditioning, in Coppell on May 3rd, 2017

“Very professional technician, Pedro explains all home owner needs to know with AC maintenance. Big contrast compared to my prior experience with a different company which made money on top of annual member fee by selling unnecessary accessories and bogus diagnoses.”

- Air Conditioning, in Grand Prairie on May 3rd, 2017

“Been using Berkey's for over 20 years. Their scheduling staff and service technicians have always been professional, polite, and on-time. Highly recommend.”

- Air Conditioning, in Dallas on May 1st, 2017

“Raul was prompt and seemed very knowledgeable about the AC system. He got right to work and cleaned up afterwards. He kept me informed of his progress and left everything neat when he left. He also commented if there were any other problems to give the office a call and they would come back out to service the unit.”

- Air Conditioning, in Grapevine on Apr 26th, 2017

“I already have recommended Berkeys several times. Really respect this Company and want them for all my business, A/C, Heat, Plumbing and will request in the near future their Electrical Services. Can't say enough on how I appreciate their honest service technicians and helpful Customer service.”

- Air Conditioning, in Lewisville on Apr 24th, 2017

“I can't say enough good about Jeff. What a great guy delivering great service. I will refer you guys any chance I get and will definitely use you in the future. Jeff went above and beyond. Thank you!!!!”

- Air Conditioning, in Prosper on Apr 24th, 2017

“Tren was efficient in fixing our a/c problem and communicated everything we needed to know. We were left with a very positive impression of Berkeys.”

- Air Conditioning, in Irving on Apr 24th, 2017

“Tren is excellent. He knows his stuff very well and is always pleasant and well mannered. I specifically requested him to come out and I had no problem waiting three days for him to be available. It was very well worth it and a great experience.”

- Air Conditioning, in Lewisville on Apr 24th, 2017

“Justin came out to unclog a condensation drain. We have one of the older furnaces, so, Justin recommended a special device that shuts the thermostat off if we get another clogged drain. He checked the condensation pipes of the other two furnaces and unclogged as appropriate. Justin was nice enough to recommended a company to remove the water that leaked as a result of the clogged drain. Justin was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable on our AC units. I was very happy with the support and assistance he provided.”

- Air Conditioning, in Colleyville on Apr 12th, 2017

“I received a call prior to his arrival, letting me know he was enroute. He was clean and professional when he arrived. He introduced himself and we discussed the intent of the visit. Upon completion of the service call, he explained what he had done. He then went over my request for a maintenance agreement, and my preference for the invoice. He was the ultimate, competent professional.”

- Air Conditioning, in Fort Worth on Apr 12th, 2017

“Our ongoing experience with Berkeys is excellent from first contact to last. All services necessary are fully explained before being agreed to and performed, and any additional issues are always discussed fully with time allowed for questions. The staff and technicians are truly experts in their fields and we would recommend Berkeys highly.”

- Air Conditioning, in North Richland Hills on Apr 10th, 2017

“Rich was outstanding, informative, and extremely courteous. His service was what I would call a very pleasant experience, leaving you with the expectation of looking forward to the next time. I would like, if possible, to have him always do my semi annual checkups and any follow up work that happens to be needed.”

- Air Conditioning, in Fort Worth on Apr 10th, 2017

“Technician was well qualified and gave great feedback on the condition of our units. He was efficient and a very nice guy. We actually enjoyed his visit.”

- Air Conditioning, in Colleyville on Apr 10th, 2017

“Totally engaging with impressive knowledge of technology, never broke eye contact and had a very confident personality. Top notch employee.”

- Air Conditioning, in Carrollton on Apr 5th, 2017

“We have had Berkeys for many years. We trust them and the work they do is wonderful. I have and will continue to refer them to family and friends. Call Berkeys if you want a friendly and fair estimate. Join BAM - the way to go.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Colleyville on Apr 5th, 2017

“Have been very pleased with last years install and the equipment performance. Mitch, the tech, on his arrival asked about our concern with one of the zones (Bedroom) that we had during the install. I found that to be very professional of him and the company to re-address the problem and make sure we were happy with the results. Last year Greg worked with us to make sure the comfort level of our bedroom was met, since there was about a 8-10 degree difference from the other zones. Thank you for being the company customers are looking for, professional and caring.”

- Air Conditioning, in Highland Village on Mar 29th, 2017

“Overall experience was great. Technician arrived soon after a courtesy call. I introduced the technician to my HVAC system and work immediately began. We had conversations about the systems current condition and what is required to keep the system in standard operating condition. We spoke about spoke about add-on's/upgrades available to enhance the HVAC systems operation to provide a better and healthier experience. After the technician completed the service, I was provided a quote for recommended services. I will be using Berkeys services in the future.”

- Air Conditioning, on Mar 20th, 2017

“Our experience with Berkeys has been positive. Everyone is pleasant to work with and very professional. The technicians and staff are very customer service oriented and easy to work with. I highly recommend Berkeys!”

- Inspection – BAM, on Mar 20th, 2017

“Excellent service provided by your staff and technicians. Everyone was very courteous and professional and the job was well done. Overall, I am pleased with the installation. In addition to the new A/C unit, I also had the ductwork in my cleaned and that crew also did an excellent job (they even cleaned my dryer vent); Everyone cleaned up when they were finished. There was an issue with the attic ladder which was damaged as a result of the work and had to be replaced, but this was properly taken care of. Would be glad to recommend Berkeys to anyone.”

- Air Conditioning, on Mar 20th, 2017

“Mitch was on time and professional. He was clearly knowledgable about heating and AC and explained what he observed about my systems in a way I understood. He provided some info about possible upgrades and/or replacement equipment that might benefit me, but was not pushy or insistent, which I sincerely appreciated. He is a good representative of the company.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Southlake on Mar 13th, 2017

“We were very pleased with Berkeys' service, from our initial phone contact, to the service call. Before we were off the phone with the receptionist, we were already getting a call confirming that the technicians were on their way. They were pleasant and courteous, professional, and addressed all of our questions. They took their time with us, and didn't make us feel that they were in a rush to get to their next service call. It was also evident that they really knew what they were talking about, and proved the technicians from the other company we had called on previously, to be less knowledgeable (wrong, actually). They saved us from wasting a lot of money on repair job that wouldn't have solved the problem, and proposed a simple solution instead. We were very pleased with their service, and would recommend them to anyone.”

- Air Conditioning, in Southlake on Mar 13th, 2017

“Raul was fantastic- on time, friendly, and performed quality work. He discovered a disconnected pipe and prevented our house from getting major water damage. Thanks, Raul! He was also very friendly to our toddler, who seems to be an aspiring ac repair man!”

- Inspection – BAM, in Flower Mound on Mar 13th, 2017

“The technician was on time and very professional. He gave information about our systems. He pointed out a clogged drain pipe and told us how he could repair it. We decided to have him fix it and he was able to do it right away. We really appreciate Berkey's BAM service. It keeps us ahead of problems.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Dallas on Mar 13th, 2017

“Richard did a great job of explaining to us our options. I also appreciate that you hire veterans of our Armed Forces, you've got a good technician in Richard!”

- Air Conditioning, in McKinney on Mar 8th, 2017

“As always the service was great!! Everyone was professional in every way. The techs were so considerate you might even forget they were here. But they kept me informed. I think you guys may not be a bit high on some things (I'm sure if I knew about the business I wouldn't think so) but I never question the quality I receive. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much.”

- Air Conditioning, in Corinth on Mar 6th, 2017

“Travis gave a thorough check on my system and explained each of his findings. He was professional, friendly, and answered all questions that I had.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Hurst on Mar 2nd, 2017

“This is the second time that we have seen Truyen, and on both occasions, he has handled the job effectively and in a professional manner. He quickly diagnosed the problem, repaired the part, and brought the defective part to us, explaining exactly what happened and how he repaired the unit. He also compared the cost of the visit ($69) to the option of purchasing the $99 plan, which we agreed was a good option. So we purchased the plan. On a personal note, Truyen and I visited on both occasions. I found him very personable, likeable and trustworthy - characteristics I wish every service company's employees would exhibit. Thank you again for your help.”

- Air Conditioning, in Fort Worth on Feb 23rd, 2017

“Greg was very nice and extremely knowledgeable. He took great care of us and answered our questions. Berkeys must have very high standards for hiring as Greg and all the technicians from Berkeys that have helped us are top notch. That is why we have used Berkeys since the 80's and always will.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Grapevine on Feb 23rd, 2017

“I am so impressed with your technician, Truyen. He was exemplary in his product knowledge, informative of the work & parts needed, trouble shooting & repairs were handled with great care. His friendly manner put my mind at ease, knowing that he would stay with the repairs until all was completed. Trustworthy & wonderful representative of your company. I will ask for him the next time the heating/air conditioning needs repair. Thank you.”

- Air Conditioning, in Hurst on Feb 23rd, 2017

“Corkey not only fixed my problem but probably saved me hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing so. My heater and AC were running at the same time and no one had been able to identify the problem. Corkey was familiar with the NEST thermostat, so quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I have had a hard time finding technicians who are familiar with the NEST systems, including the manufacturer, so I greatly appreciate his knowledge, experience and the time he took to help me understand the system.”

- Air Conditioning, in Grapevine on Feb 20th, 2017

“Jaden is great! We have had Jaden before and each time he has delivered expert advice and thorough explanations of work needed to maintain our units. His customer service skills are the best.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Southlake on Feb 20th, 2017