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Articles on Berkeys Blog by Jamie Wooldridge and the Berkeys plumbing and HVAC specialists are meant to provide educational, entertaining, newsworthy and helpful information regarding residential air conditioning and plumbing for homeowners in Dallas, Ft. Worth. Always consult a professional, licensed plumbing or HVAC contractor like Berkeys before doing any work on your home.

3 Ways to Save on Keeping Your Home Safe and Warm this Winter »

Dallas is one of the ten cities with the highest utility bills in the nation. Fortunately, there are ways to lower energy costs without creating an uncomfortable home environment. As this infographic by The Refrigeration School shows, there are many simple things homeowners can do to ensure their heating system is as energy efficient as possible. For example, replacing filters on a monthly basis can lower energy consumption by up to 15%.However, some maintenance should be left to professionals. Following are three ways HVAC technicians can help you save on keeping your home warm and safe this winter.1. Check Ducts ... Continue Reading »

How to Avoid Plumbing Nightmares on Thanksgiving »

Black Friday and Thanksgiving isn’t just a busy shopping and family day, but it’s one of the busiest days of the year for Plumbers. The reason is Garbage Disposals and what goes into them, or rather what shouldn’t go into them account for the majority of plumbing issues. Watch the video from Berkeys Recent Feature below for some helpful tips and examples. And of course, a Happy Thanksgiving!

BERKEYS Tackles Cancer Like a Super Bowl Champ »

Berkeys Air Conditioning Plumbing and Electrical Sponsors Race for the Cure Team Tam Tony and Tamara CasillasBERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical announces its sponsorship of the Dallas Cowboys’ team in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. SOUTHLAKE, TX (PRWEB) OCTOBER 28, 2015 Tony Casillas played 116 games over the course of his NFL career, amassing 768 tackles in the process. Now, the two-time Super Bowl champion spends his time tackling breast cancer with his wife, Tamara, who is currently battling breast cancer and serves as the official spokeswoman ... Continue Reading »

Berkeys’ 2nd Annual Toy Drive benefiting Grace Christmas Cottage »

banner-toydrive2015Join Berkeys in supporting Grace Grapevine Christmas Cottage Toy Drive going on NOW!img-toydrive-berkeysLast Year, the Grace Christmas Cottage provided gifts to 710 families (1,634 children). img_toydrive-onpage-berkeysHow to Donate NEW Toys:

  • 1. Give to a Plumbing, AC or Electrical Technician during a service call or tune up
  • 2. Drop toys off at Berkeys Southlake Office during normal office hours
Berkeys Address/Contact Info: 2875 Market Loop Southlake, TX, 76092 (817) 481-5869What is the GRACE Christmas Cottage / Toy Drive?Once again ... Continue Reading »

Berkeys Sponsors Tony and Tamara Casillas “Team Tam” in their for Race for the Cure »

Berkeys is pleased to announce its support of $1,000.00 for Team Tam and their Race for the Cure (Tamara & Tony Casillas).Click Here to Learn more, Join or Donate to Team Tam.Helping to Tackle #breastcancer @tccasillas @TamCas #TeamTam #RaceForTheCureBerkeys Jamie Wooldridge Presents Donation to Tony and Tamara Casillas Team Berkeys presenting donation to Team Tam for Race for the Cure 1 Team Berkeys presenting donation to Team Tam for Race for the Cure 2

TOTO Is The First Plumbing Manufacturer To Earn The International Living Future Institute’s Declare Label And Offer A Product Material Health Overview »

TOTO is the largest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and fittings. They have been dedicated to engineering and producing products that respect the environment while meeting the need for comfortable, beautiful and high performance plumbing fixtures for nearly a century. They continually set the standard for innovations in plumbing products. Earlier this week, it was announced that they are the first to offer material health evaluations for six of their high-efficiency toilets (HETs). The International Living Future Institute is an environmental non-governmental organization committed to creating communities that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. They operate the Living Building Challenge, ... Continue Reading »

Old Electric Panel Breaker/Fuse Boxes Should be Inspected and Replaced »

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Zinsco and Sylvania were producing were producing electrical panels. Sylvania took over the Zinsco brand. These electrical panels from the late 1970s and early 1980s when Sylvania bought out Zinsco have an inconsistent history of various problems. Unfortunately for consumers, they were installed in most of the homes built during that time. For most homes, these panels are outdated by today's standards. They can also be dangerous. Homeowners are more dependent on electricity than ever before. Most people have at least one computer, multiple televisions/entertainment centers, cell phones and other devices that require ... Continue Reading »

Radon In Your Home »

Recent news stories have raised concerns about the possibility of an increase of gases released due to fracking and radiation coming from granite countertops. Granite, as with most rocks and soils, contains naturally occurring radioactive elements like uranium, and potassium commonly referred to as Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in small amounts. The amount of radioactivity in most granite is quite small. While it is possible to get a measurable level of direct radiation from some granite, in general it emits less radiation than we are regularly exposed during an average day. These levels are so low that they ... Continue Reading »

BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical expands into new 16,000 square foot building »

Expansion represents company growth and provides jobs to DFW communityDALLAS, TX, Thursday, July 30, 2015—BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical is excited to announce the expansion of their facilities in Southlake, Texas in August 2015. The company will continue use of their current headquarters while adding over 16,000 square feet in office and warehouse space at the adjacent property. The expansion allows BERKEYS to continue its incredible development from a one person operation in 1975 to over 80 employees and growing.Growth Equals Higher Quality Service and ProductsThe expansion includes more space for BERKEYS training facilities dedicated to the continuing education ... Continue Reading »

Signs Your Contractor Is Just Scamming You »

Many HVAC contractors hear terrible stories about their fellow service companies that are trying to swindle homeowners - especially this time of year. Some scams start with telemarketing solicitations claiming to offer free inspections because “we are in your neighborhood,” then they claim some component is bad, or a relatively new HVAC system needs replacing, or you have toxic mold. Then the price tag for that “free inspection” just keeps rising. But there are many others. Homeowners should look for these signs that ANY contractor isn’t reputable: - Just going with the lowest price could cost you later. If you see an ... Continue Reading »

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