Prepare Your Home for the Holidays with our Outdoor Safety Power Package*

Great for seasonal lighting needs and more outdoor power where you need it. Controllable via timers, dusk to dawn photocells, smart phone capable.

  • Temporary Lighting
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Lawn Equipment, lawn equipment charging
  • Mosquito Control Systems

Outdoor Power Package Includes:
(Save $109, Standard Package Price: $750)

  • 2 Dedicated Outlets – prevents nuisance breaker tripping!
  • Weather-Proof In-Use Cover – Rain proof safety!
  • GFCI Protection – Keeps your yard and home safe!
  • Double Pole Time Clock, or Dusk to Dawn Photo Cell On/Off – Lights are on when you want them on, and off when you don’t!

Outdoor Lighting

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* Does not include installation of Festive Holiday Lights.

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