Charles S.

Air Conditioning, in North Richland Hills on July 5th, 2016

“Best HVAC service experience I've had. Upstairs zone was not cooling. Called Berkeys and had someone scheduled for next Monday (next day appointment available but no one home that day). Berkeys sent an email reminder and called when the tech was on his way. Joe arrived, listened to the history on the issue, then went into the attic and diagnosed the cause. Issue couldn't be resolved then because parts had to be ordered, but Joe unwired the damper so it was always open allowing the top floor to cool. He also adjusted the pitch of the coil so the pan would drain better and adjusted the bypass damper. While here he also checked the freon level and found that a capacitor was out of spec and needed to be replaced...and he confirmed our move-in date which allowed him to reduce the replacement cost as a warrantee repair. A couple days later the part arrived, Berkeys called to schedule the install, and Joe showed up to replace the damper. The system is working better than it ever has. And Joe was fantastic to work with.”