Wiser Energy Know How Much Electricity Your Dallas / Fort Worth Home Is Using

Wiser Energy Know How Much Electricity & Gas Your Dallas / Fort Worth Home Is Using with the Wiser App found at BERKEYS your Dallas / Fort Worth certified electrician. https://www.berkeys.com/electrician/w…

Welcome to Wiser Energy, the most user friendly home energy monitor in the market. Thanks to real time monitoring and simple graphics, your home will finally have a voice to communicate to you what’s happening in the home electrically. You will see usage daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and know how much energy your appliances are consuming at any given moment. Wiser Energy can also tell you how much your home is consuming versus similar sized homes. And lastly, you can set up custom notifications so you know when a device has turned on or off.

Keep tabs on your homes’ electrical activity from anywhere. Gain insights into your energy use for greater savings. Get mobile alerts when appliances turn ON or OFF Take control of your energy through smart device integration with Amazon Alexa®, Google Home™, Philips Hue, Wemo® Insight, Kasa™ HS110 smart plugs and more. Optimize your solar installation by monitoring its production