Schneider Wiser Energy Monitor – Save On Electric Bills

This is my home. It’s an older home, so we wanted to bring in an energy audit to see exactly where this house was efficient and not efficient, which then led me into a home monitor. I’m a techie guy, I like seeing what’s going on in the home and that’s when I found Wiser Energy by Square D. I can now monitor the energy in my home and I’ve been doing that for about six months.

As far as getting the unit installed, I was able to have an electrician come over and he was in and out in 15 minutes. From there I downloaded the app to my different devices and was immediately able to look at the overall consumption in the home. What’s really cool about it is the visibility. You open the app and there’s bubbles right there that show you what is on and it’s very intuitive. The bigger the bubble, the more energy you’re using.

Since having this product installed and monitoring on the app, my habits have significantly changed. I started turning off a lot more lights, I have a notification set so that if the garage door turns on, I get a buzz on my phone. It’s nice, it’s a secure feeling.

Looking back, we would get the monthly electric bill and it was kind of a mystery. Having this Wiser Energy system in the house, now I know without a doubt what sections of my home are costing me the most money. One of the things I found was recently we had a problem with our fridge. The bubble was growing and growing and using a ton of energy, so I called the appliance guy. He came in and he was able to look at the fridge and say, yeah, it turns out your compressor is dying. It was a great way to use it as an early diagnostic to see potential problems in the appliances.

Very exciting news, I’m moving into a new house. I’m excited to bring Wiser with it. With the new house, one of my options is solar panels and I know that Wiser offers an add on for solar monitoring, so I’ll definitely be looking at that in the future. I couldn’t imagine having a home without Wiser Energy.

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