Outdoor Lighting Your Home Needs

Outdoor lighting for your home is important. But, it needs to be functional as well as attractive. Even minimal improvements to your outdoor lighting has many benefits you may not realize. There’s no reason you should be debating about improving your outdoor lighting. There are benefits you should really consider.

First, you want to make the most of your home, which means lighting up the yard for your friends and family for outdoor events, like BBQs. In Texas, one of the best times to enjoy your yard is at night, when it’s cooler. To really spend time outside, you need proper illumination.

Another benefit to improving your outdoor lighting is safety. Safety for your family and guests, so they can avoid situations that may cause an injury, like badly lit steps and walkways. Avoiding injuries is the most common reason most people opt for exterior lighting. Paying careful attention to high traffic areas and potential dangers around pools, decks or other outdoor seating areas will improve the safety and comfort of your yard.

While you are keeping your family and guests safe with your outdoor lighting, you are also increasing the security of your home. Most people don’t fully realize the true value exterior lights have as an added security measure. Anyone looking to damage or break into your home certainly doesn’t want the neighbors noticing them. So, well lit homes are a less attractive target for thieves. Having bright lights directed at the windows, is not necessary.  Attractive, well placed fixtures and motion activated lights offer security as well as improve the look your home.

Finding the right type of lighting an actually become an enhancement to your landscaping. Using the right fixtures will help to showcase aspects of your landscaping while also offering the right amount of aesthetics. By highlight details like certain trees or your pool can make quite a visual impact. Fixtures customized to your unique style can create mood lighting or lighting you can dim depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Highlighting your unique landscaping features also increases your home’s curb appeal. By directing attention to desirable aspects of your home and away from not so desirable aspects, like utility sheds, focuses positive attention where you want it most. By increasing the cub appeal of your home, you also increase the home’s overall value. Almost any home improvement project helps to add additional value. So, the initial upfront investment for your landscape lighting will have an immediate return by increasing your property value.

There’s even more benefits to choosing the right lighting fixtures. You can save a considerable sum of money using solar powered lighting. There are plenty of options available for energy-efficient lighting choices, too. So the money you invest in your lighting will at least be much kinder to your monthly utility bills. Another way you can always go green is using some motion sensor lighting. Since these only come on when triggered and do not remain on, you are using way less energy.

Find just the right lighting professional to plan out your lighting so that you can be confident that it will be done correctly. Berkeys has just the right package to help you plan your outdoor lighting needs:

Prepare Your Home for the Holidays with our Outdoor Power Package*

Great for seasonal lighting needs and more outdoor power where you need it. Controllable via timers, dusk to dawn photocells, smart phone capable.

  • Temporary Lighting
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Lawn Equipment, lawn equipment charging
  • Mosquito Control Systems

Outdoor Power Package Includes

  • 2 Dedicated Outlets – prevents nuisance breaker tripping!
  • Weather-Proof In-Use Cover – Rain proof safety!
  • GFCI Protection – Keeps your yard and home safe!
  • Double Pole Time Clock, or Dusk to Dawn Photo Cell On/Off – Lights are on when you want them on, and off when you don’t!

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