Berkeys Earns 2018 Ebsco Best Pick Certification: Represents Third Year in a Row

Berkeys is an A Rated Best Pick Reports Certified Company

Berkeys Earns 2018 Ebsco Best Pick Certification: Represents Third Year in a Row

Berkeys is pleased to announce that we have earned the EBSCO Best Pick Report Certification for the 3rd consecutive year. We have a 5 star rating based on 442 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports. Best Pick Reports is dedicated to giving objective, third-party data that lets homeowners find top-quality companies that service their neighborhood.

Here are just a few of our great reviews:

“We’ve used Berkeys for years, and we’re very pleased with them. They do our air conditioning. They’ve done some electrical work for us. They do our heat. They’ve done some stuff with our plumbing. We’ve used them in all categories. I’d say A+. They’re not pushy and they’re very nice, and we’re just very pleased. We’ve used them for many successes.”

“I use them all the time. I like the fact that they quote you a price and then they stick to that price, or really close to it, and if there’s going to be any overages, they let you know. They try to save you money when they come out, you know; they’re just real good people to deal with. They’ve done both plumbing and electrical work for me. I’d give them an A+ overall.”

“Berkeys has done excellent work for me. They’re very quick to respond, they’re friendly, and they help you. We have a contract with them, and they’ve done some plumbing repairs. The techs are very nice, polite, and clean. The customer service is good. I’d give them an A+.”

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