The Benefits of Having Surge Protectors In Your Home

The Benefits Of Surging Protectors For Dallas Homeowners

A surge protector is designed to help keep your electrical equipment safe from any voltage spikes. It regulates the voltage within your electrical devices (either through blocking or grounding) so that it is always at a safe level for your equipment.

This video shows the benefits of surge protection.


The Benefits Of Surge Protection

Homeowner Benefits From A Surge Solution

The homeowner benefits from surge protection because it provides inexpensive insurance for a central air conditioning system. After the home and car, air conditioning systems are the most costly item to repair or replace. Homeowners carry insurance on their home and car. What about for their central air system?

By getting this protection from an HVAC contractor, they get professional installation and reliable operation. In addition, some surge solutions handle up to 100,000 amps of surge current, offer a lifetime warranty, and include a $1,000 connected equipment warranty.

As the sidebar below indicates, installing a surge protector is not complicated and can be readily accomplished by a technician. The tech can advise the customer of the potential problem and solution, and provide a custom flyer on the subject. After other service work is done, the customer can decide yes or no. If yes, install. If no, ask them to sign an acknowledgement and refusal form.

Many of your customers already have surge protection for their personal computers. With the proven instability of the national electrical grid, the addition of surge protection for an HVAC system is a logical, low-cost solution for the customer that helps keep their equipment up and running, and also benefits the contractor.

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges are not a fire concern; which is why surge protectors are not required by your homeowner’s insurance or building inspectors. However, installing them keeps your home safe and provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced Replacement or Repair Costs – Because power surges can shorten the lifespan of your appliances and electrical devices, a whole house surge protector can decrease the damage done to those items over time – reducing how often you pay to repair or replace them.

  • Reduces Maintenance Costs – How often do you have to maintain your home’s systems, such as heating or cooling? You may encounter more maintenance expenses because of surges in your power. By installing a surge protector, you could limit the number of service calls you put out each year.

  • They Are Affordable – Whole house surge protectors are very affordable; only a few hundred dollars. They can be installed the same day, which means you can start protecting your home for a fraction of the cost you may incur to repair one of your appliances.

Do Not Wait for a Power Surge to Happen – Call an Electrical Contractor Now

Surges can occur throughout the day without you realizing. You can protect your equipment and reduce your costs by installing an affordable whole home surge protector today. Contact an electrical contractor to have your home assessed and see what type of surge protector is right for your home. Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

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