Electrical Inspection Before Buying A House

Electrical Inspection Before Buying A House

Electrical Home Inspection For Dallas Homeowners

Before you buy a home, You should have an electrical service that is large enough to supply the home and have room for future expansion. The wiring should be grounded and in good working order. The switches and outlets should be inspected to ensure they are in good working order and of the right type.

Home Inspection Tips For Home Buyers.


When Do You Need to Get an Electrical Inspection?

Before you commit to buying a house

A house is a huge financial commitment so if you can find out as much as you can about the property first, it could save you money later on and prevent major problems.  An electrical inspection can also help you negotiate a lower price if you find any property faults.

An electrical inspection can sometimes be included in the overall pre-purchase property inspection report (or building inspection) you get, which will cover things like plumbing, heating, kitchen appliances, fire safety, foundations and more. However, you should not just expect this to be the case.

The time has finally come, and you can call yourself a new home owner! There is so much excitement involved in buying a home, but there is also a little nitty gritty that must be taken care of first.

So much of your home revolves around electricity, which is why it’s so important for your electrical wiring to be completely intact. But there is so much more about electrical safety than just the wiring. Besides your home being up-do-date in terms of safety standards required by the National Electrical Code, here are some things you need to be aware of before buying a home:

  • Outlets should be grounded, be without cracks and have proper tension

  • Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, and outdoor outlets need specific outlets due to potential exposure to water

  • If you are buying an older home, is the wiring updated?

  • Check the service panel

It Is Important To Inspect Electrical Before Buying A Home

Moving your family into a new home is a very exciting moment in life, however, safety should come first. It’s important to schedule an electrical inspection so an expert can quickly, yet thoroughly, evaluate your home’s electrical system. Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

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