Air Conditioner Spring Cleaning

Air Conditioner Spring Clean For Dallas Homeowners

While you’re clearing out the dust and clutter that has accumulated in your home over the winter, don’t forget about cleaning your air conditioner. Making cleaning your air conditioner a part of your spring cleaning routine is important, and doing so has more benefits than you probably realize.

Basic maintenance for your air conditioner.


How to Spring Clean Your Air Conditioner

The Parts of Your Condenser

Your outside unit is referred to as the condenser, which holds the compressor, the fan, the coolant tubes and the cooling fins. There should be two tubes running to the condenser — one with a foam covering and one without a cover. The fan in your condenser uses the fins to bring in cool air, which lowers the temperature of the coolant. The coolant is then pumped by the compressor into the evaporator that is located inside your home. The warm air inside your home goes through the evaporator where it is cooled and then blown back into your rooms. As the air is cooled, it is also condensed. The condensation from the air is drained into a tube and removed from the system.

Shut Off the Condenser

Shut off the power to the condenser unit of your air conditioner located outside. If you are unsure where the switch is located, check the manual to your unit. If you cannot find your manual, turn off the condenser power switch on the main electrical panel.

Clean the Condenser Fins

The fins on your condenser look like blades. As they suck air through them, they also pull in dirt and debris. This debris can reduce the flow of air and reduce the ability of your unit to cool your home.

Use a vacuum to get rid of the debris. The fins can be easily bent so be sure to use a soft brush attachment. You may have to remove a metal cover in order to access the fins. Check your manual on the best procedure for removing the cover. Use your screwdriver to take out the screws and place them in a safe place while you work. If your fins have major damage to them, call a professional to have them repaired or replaced.

Lubricate the Ports

Once you have cleaned the fins, check for lubrication ports on the fan motor. If required, add five or six drops of oil to the ports. Be sure to use the proper motor oil for your system. If you are unsure of the type you will need, check your owner’s manual or visit your local hardware store and speak with a service representative about your cleaning project.

Restart Your Condenser

Check with your manual on the necessary steps to take before turning the power back on to your system. There are different steps to take depending on how long the power to your unit was not connected. Restart the condenser unit and set the air temperature in your home to cool. Wait about ten minutes before you check the tubes running to the condenser. The foam covered tube should be cool to the touch and the uncovered tube should be warm. Read more.

Importance Of Spring Cleaning For Your Air Conditioner

It is important to have a maintenance and spring cleaning on your AC unit as you get ready to turn it on for the summer. Whether it is time for maintenance or not, be sure to keep your system dust and debris free. Doing so will make your unit more efficient and keep you breathing easier all year long. Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

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