Berkeys Review: Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas, Texas

Honesty is always the best policy for our Berkeys HVAC technicians. We know that when your HVAC system is nearing it’s end, not everyone is prepared to replace it immediately. Our technicians are experienced and well trained, so they can make any repairs to keep your system going. And they can easily replace your system when you are ready. 

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“We are so pleased to have a technician come for a service and possible repair and be so honest. As an old ac technician I've been patching our 15 year old cheap system for several years. The Berkeys service technician said "Let's not mess with it now." I knew our system was on it's last leg. He said, "It's working so lets not tear it apart." He did not try and sell me on a new system. He only warned me that breaking into it could end its life. I agreed. What really amazed me was if we decided to get Berkys to replace the system they could do it in a few days unlike other companies that would take weeks.”

- Air Conditioning in Dallas on Dec 6th, 2016