Why Do We Need An Electrical Inspection?

Electrical  Inspection In  Dallas

The electrical system in your home is largely hidden behind the walls, so it’s often ignored until something goes wrong. At the very least, an electricity outage is extraordinarily inconvenient, especially in Phoenix where air conditioning in the summer is a necessity. A routine electrical inspection conducted by a qualified electrician can locate wiring and other electrical issues before they cause an outage or create a dangerous situation.





The Electrical Inspection in a house is often unseen as its main components are hidden in the structure itself, however; its presence is readily recognized as a creature comfort none of us could imagine living without. Often times this system is abused by overloading circuits with a demand that the system cannot handle safely.


Understanding Electrical Inspection At  Home

What is the purpose of a residential electrical inspection? The inspection is designed to verify that your installation meets minimum requirements for electrical safety, according to current codes. In other words, its purpose is to protect you, the homeowner, as well as anyone else who will be occupying the premises from fire or electrocution.

When is a building permit required for work on your home’s electrical system? When you plan to alter your existing electrical system or retrofit an entirely new installation in an older home, you will need a building permit. This is also the case when you are having the electrical system installed in a newly constructed home.

You are required by law to apply for, pay for, and receive the proper local permit before any electrical work begins. Only the homeowner or electrical contractor who will be performing the installation is authorized to apply for the permit.

What is the difference between a rough and a final inspection? There are at least two stages at which you will need to undergo an electrical inspection and approval, usually by the same body that issued your permit. The rough inspection is first, when installation of the electric box and all the wiring has been done but before the wiring has been covered by your wall material. Second is the final inspection, when all your home construction has been completed. Please note that your electrical system must pass a final inspection before occupancy is permitted. Read more…


The Benefits Of An Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection ensures that the wiring and other electrical components are all up to standard and in good working order in the house. Big T will attend site, carry out testing as required and provide you with a detailed electrical inspection report. We can also provide a quote for any electrical maintenance work required at the property as per the results of the inspection.Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

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