The Dangers of DIY Electrical Installation

DIY electrical installation


Avoid the Dangers of DIY Home Electrical Installation, Must Call A Residential Electrician In Dallas.

Although the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend in home improvements is all the rage these days, there is one area of home improvement that is best left to a professional: electrical repairs, upgrades, and installations. Simply put, electricity is very dangerous.  Even if you have experience with basic home repair you should not attempt an electrical job without consulting or hiring a professional electrical contractor. One mistake could cause a short circuit and start a house fire or you could electrocute yourself, causing major injury or even death.  Saving a few dollars by doing it yourself is not worth the safety risk to you, your family and your home.

Here are some potential dangers of DIY electrical work:


Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

4 Reasons why electrical work is not DIY

Old wires, fuses and outlets may be the reason you want to do electrical updating, but attempting it yourself as a DIY project without being a certified electrician is not the best idea.

In fact, DIY electricity projects can go terrible wrong causing issues you may not be ready to face and pay for out of the pocket. Some of those problems are:

An Electrical Fire

Old wires are not the only cause of fires. Poor wiring or wrong wiring can cause fires too. These fires do not only destroy parts of a home or an entire home, but they can cause serious injury and death to you or a love one living within it. These reasons alone are why you should call in the electrician to do the job for you.

With that said, it is essential that you hire a certified residential electrician with years of experience and a high rating from customers. You can find out the best electricians in your area by asking friends and family members who they like to use, or search the web.

Your Insurance Company Will Not Cover Electrical Damage Costs

If a fire does occur in your home or any other kind of electrical issue, your insurance company may not cover the damage costs if the work is not done to code by a certified electrician.

Therefore, if you are thinking about having a DIY electrical work weekend it is best to call in the professionals. It will end up saving you time, money and even your home in the long run.

Electricity Failing to Work Properly

Sometimes when you try to fix electrical issues yourself you end up with even more problems to fix. In some cases, your entire home or parts of it can lose power leaving you frustrated and asking the question of, “What the heck did I do wrong?”

Yes, there may be a lot of videos an DIY guides on the internet these days, but to ensure electricity is flowing through your home safely and properly it is best just to call in the professionals.

In the end they do safe you time, money and frustrations. Most importantly, they are skilled to acknowledge electrical issues and have the knowledge to fix them properly.

Serious Injury or Death Can Occur

Working on fixing up the electrical wires and fuses in your home without knowledge of what you are doing can lead to serious injury or death. You could cut the wrong wire with electricity flowing through it and end up with a serious electrical shock, or put fuses in the wrong spot causing them to spark a fire or overheat leading to serious burns.

You could also forget to ground the electricity elements properly, which could cause you or a love to receive an electrical shock that could be potentially fatal. These reasons alone are enough to keep from making the repairs yourself.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind

With all that just mentioned, if you are still thinking you can save tons of money doing electrical work yourself, just keep in mind that the loss of yourself or a love one, or a home comes at a higher cost.

Then ask yourself, “Is it really worth the potential risks and frustration if things do go wrong.” Asking these important questions will guide you to making the right decision, which is calling in the electrician to do the repairs.

When a little knowledge is a costly, dangerous thing especially when it comes to electrical works.

You should always call a professional if you’re planning electrical wiring work in your home. Only a licensed technician can really assess the wiring in your home and make the best decisions about moving forward with your project.  In some cases, you’ll even have to get a permit to get the work done, and everything needs to be up to certain building code standards. Please call us at (214) 238-8353 whenever you have an electrical job that needs to be done in your home, whether it’s a big or a small project. The important thing is keeping you, your loved ones and your home safe!

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