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Surge Protector

Does Dallas Homeowners Really Needed A Surge Protector?

So what causes an electrical surge? Most people think that the main culprit of electrical surging is lightning, but that’s not true at all. Yes, lightning can and does cause electrical surges, but the voltage of lightning is so great that most surge protectors won’t be able to withstand their power.

What is a Surge Protector?

A device that shields computer and other electronic devices from surges in electrical power, or transient voltage, that flow from the power supply. Anything over this amount is considered transient and can damage electronic devices that are plugged into an outlet. Even though power surges are so brief that they are measured in nanoseconds, they can cause considerable damage to electronic equipment.

A surge protector works by channeling the extra voltage into the outlet’s grounding wire, preventing it from flowing through the electronic devices while at the same time allowing the normal voltage to continue along its path. Electrical surges can damage computer equipment by burning its wires or gradually over time wearing down the device’s internal components and even wipe out any saved data. Surge protectors can also protect telephone and cable lines as these also carry electric current.

Back when I didn’t know any better, I thought “surge protector” was synonymous with “power strip,” and I thought “power strip” was just a fancy multi-plug extension cord. Learn from my mistakes: they are not the same things! A surge protector is more than just an apparatus for turning one outlet into six – it plays an important role in electronic device maintenance, such as protecting your laptop.

Surge protector should be used as a matter of habit with all semiconductor-based electronic and computer hardware, including peripherals such as printers, monitors, external disk drives, and modems. But the suppressor should not be relied upon to provide protection against lightning-induced transients. The safest procedure, inconvenient though it be, is to ensure that all susceptible hardware is plugged into the suppressor box, and to unplug the suppressor’s main power cord when the equipment is not in use if you live in a thunderstorm-prone area.

A surge protector (sometimes optimistically called a “surge protector”) is a device inserted in the alternating current utility line and/or telephone line to prevent damage to electronic equipment from voltage “spikes” called transients. A more accurate term for this type of device is “transient suppressor.”

The Importance Of Surge Protector

The take away? All electrical grids experience electrical surges, some more than others. These surges can damage electronics and surge protectors are there to keep those surges under control as much as possible. You’ll want to use surge protectors for complex and valuable electronics, such as computers, appliances, and media centers. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to have a surge protector; you need one that’s properly rated for your needs. Call us (214) 238-8353 for your home service and repair needs.

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