The Latest in Air Conditioning Technology

Everyone wants the latest, most energy saving (and cost saving) technologies, right? The HVAC industry is no different. New technologies are being developed all the time.


Most homes are traps for allergens, dust, and other contaminates, which can make allergies a whole lot worse than they need to be. Honeywell’s Whole House Air Cleaner systems can improve your indoor air quality significantly. The system is installed in your central heating and cooling system. Air Cleaners are quite effective, quiet, and easy to maintain. The filter needs to be replaced every 6 to 12 months and ionizing points need to be dusted with a paintbrush. You get cleaner air throughout your home without a lot of work. Air cleaners can also save you money by keeping your heating and cooling equipment clean, improving efficiency and extending service life. The system works by charging the particles in the air as it enters the system through ionizing points. The particles travel through the media filter and are captured in the fibers. Honeywell’s air cleaners apply a continuous charge, so dirt is captured all the way around the filter fibers — not just on one surface. This captures more particles than a standard filter and helps the filter last longer. Once the particles are captured, the charging strips destroy 99% of the microorganisms inside the filter.

One of the other advances in HVAC technology is the smart Wifi thermostat. The free apps for iOS, Android, and the web are simple and intuitive and there’s a web-based portal for a PC. Several companies make them with all kinds of features. Some of these thermostats are compatible with up to 95% HVAC systems.


Like the Honeywell’s Smart Thermostat with voice control, most work with just about every low-voltage system on the market. One of the Honeywell’s biggest advantages is that it does not require a C-wire (common wire) for it to work. You can install the thermostat yourself or you can find a certified installer.

By using Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Service, you can access and maintain your system remotely:

– Monitor and control your entire HVAC system
– View and maintain your settings for heat, cooling, on/off, auto, etc.
– Set the temperature
– View the indoor humidity
– View the outdoor humidity and temperature
– Access multiple thermostats, if necessary
– Access multiple locations, if necessary
– Receive Alerts by email if temperature or humidity is too high or low
– Receive upgrades as new features become available

Another new HVAC technology is a variable speed air conditioning system. Like the AccuComfortTM system produced by American Standard, variable speed systems continually adjust to run at a more efficient speed to maintain your ideal temperature and humidity in your home. By using a longer run time and a slower speed, the system reduces the peaks and valleys of conventional systems, reduces the cost of operation, and reduces the noise created by the system. When your entire HVAC system is using variable speed components, the efficiency and reliability of the system is increased. With this particular system, you can also control your HVAC system from your phone, tablet and computer.

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