In the News: Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer Months

Berkeys featured in the article called: “Tips to stay cool during the summer months”

With the mercury on the rise temperatures will soon hit triple digits. Jamie Wooldridge, president of the Southlake ­based air conditioning company Berkeys, provides some tips to stay cool this summer.

Wooldridge said it is important to install a programmable thermostat. “You can adjust the temperature throughout the day automatically, particularly advantageous when everyone is at work and school, easily adjustable, and newer thermostats have seven ­day features so the weekends can be different,” he stated in an email. “I recommend the WIFI programmable thermostats, because you can adjust these via a smart phone, so if you are coming home early or late, you can make adjustments from anywhere.”

He also stated it is important to switch ceiling fans to turn counter clockwise in the summer. “They use no more electricity than a standard light bulb, and the breeze from the fan can make you feel 3­4 degrees cooler, allowing you to raise the temperature on your thermostat, but still stay comfortable,” Wooldridge stated. “Turn off the fans when not in the room, they only cool people, not the actual room temperature.” Proper attic insulation and attic insulation tents will also help save money each week, he said. The recommended attic insulation is R­49 or R­38 for a vaulted ceiling, which amounts to 16.5 inches of insulation in the attic.

“Every home will benefit from adding insulation to the recommended levels,” Wooldridge stated. He also said it is important to clean AC filters monthly during the summer and contract with an HVAC company to have bi­annual maintenance on your equipment. These tune­ups can greatly improve efficiency which will lower monthly bills. “Older homes 10 plus years or older, commonly have SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 8­12, or even less as the system ages,” he stated. “Newer air conditioning equipment has SEER ratings all the way up to 25, which will have a dramatic impact on cooling cost. Most new homes today are being built with 16 SEER systems.” Wooldridge said to repair leaking ducts and block the sun from overheating your home, especially the western side of your home that gets the hot, afternoon sun. Using shades, blinds, drapes can make a big difference, as well as planting trees or shrubs. Also, where practical, an exterior awning can help.

Staff report Posted on Carrollton Leader: Wednesday, July 1, 2015 11:20 am

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