All About Electrostatic Filters

Conventional air conditioner filters are made out of fiberglass. While they are certainly affordable, they have a number of disadvantages. For example, fiberglass filters are only capable of filtering larger particles from your home’s air. In addition, they must be replaced regularly. In recent years, electrostatic filters have emerged as a popular substitute for conventional fiberglass filters. Electrostatic filters are permanent and cleanable filters that can help you cleanse your home’s indoor air and improve air conditioning efficiency. As the name suggests, these filters use electrostatic technology to attract particles of all sizes. For this reason, electrostatic filters can clear your home’s air of everything from pollen to pet dander, removing unpleasant odors in the process.

If you are tired of regularly replacing fiberglass filters and suffering from indoor allergies, consider switching to electrostatic filters. To learn more about the benefits of electrostatic filters, call Berkeys Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 817-405-0740.