Did You Know Plumbing is Serious Business to the Berkeys Team?

Have you ever thought about the importance of a plumbing service provider? Did you know it is very important that he or she does a high-quality, professional plumbing job? But, it truly is! It’s critical that you hire only highly trained and licensed service providers.

You may ask why this is so important…

Quite simply, it is for the safety of you and your family. Just think of the damage a busted pipe or improperly installed toilet can do to a home. Water damage can also cause future molding to occur. What’s more, if a hot water heater isn’t installed properly, it could cause serious scalding issues for you and your family while bathing or taking a shower. A system that regularly backs up and doesn’t properly function can make a family ill over time due to the fumes it can omit. It’s the job of a plumbing professional to ensure the water that comes into your home is the safest and cleanest it can be for the health and safety of your family.

Berkeys has been providing high-quality plumbing, air conditioning, and heating services to DFW-area residents for over 35 years. We also hold many, reputable awards and recognitions! All of our plumbers have passed strict state plumbing exams and are fully licensed. Test our knowledge by visiting our Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions find answers to your quesitons. If your question isn’t covered, contact us or call us today at 972-464-2057 and we’ll make sure to help you find a solution to your plumbing or HVAC related problem.

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