Common Plumbing Problems in Southlake and Grapevine

All homeowners in Grapevine and Southlake will experience plumbing problems at some point. The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” certainly applies here. Whether plumbing problems in Grapevine and Southlake are large or small, you may be able to avoid them entirely when you have annual plumbing tune-ups, which includes an inspection of plumbing systems inside and outside your Grapevine or Southlake home:

  • Operation of all under-cabinet water supplies
  • All exposed drain lines for leaks
  • Check and adjust toilet flush
  • Proper installation of water heater
  • Water pressure
  • Garbage disposal
  • Tub and shower drains
  • Outside hose bibs for leaks
  • Clean-outs for drain lines
  • Clean-outs for drain lines
  • Gas line for leaks

One of the biggest plumbing problems in Southlake and Grapevine can be a dripping faucet. The little drip that you may notice during the day can become a major frustration if you are a light sleeper and it keeps you awake at night. Besides the obvious nuisance of listening to a constant drip, a leaking faucet wastes water and increases water bills as well. Leaks never stop unless somebody fixes them, so it is wise to call a licensed plumber in Southlake to repair dripping faucets before they cause more expense and aggravation than necessary.

Running toilets may not cause as much irritation as dripping faucets, but they waste water and raise utility bills just like any leak does. You may not even realize that your toilet is running constantly, but if you think it may be leaking, put just enough food coloring into the tank to color the water. If the water in the bowl turns the same color in 30 minutes or less, you will know it is leaking. You can take the lid off the tank and look to see if there is something simple that you can adjust to stop the leak, but it is often difficult to fine-tune all the parts, and sometimes the adjustments make it worse instead of better. Although it may seem like an easy fix, be sure you know how to shut off the water to the toilet to avoid other plumbing pitfalls. To ensure an expert and efficient plumbing job, call your licensed plumber in Grapevine and have peace of mind along with no troublesome drips.

Since drains clog and pipes leak at inconvenient times, repairing them before they need immediate attention will ensure that you can address the problem at a more suitable time. Plumbing installation and repair is best left to the professionals. What seems like a minor problem can quickly turn into a major emergency. Whether it’s a slow draining sink, broken water pipe or foundation leak, Berkeys delivers expert plumbing services in Southlake and Grapevine. And we understand that when you need a Grapevine plumber, you need one FAST. For this reason, Berkeys licensed plumbers and certified technicians are available for next day service and always on-call for plumbing emergencies.

It is also more cost-effective to make repairs while problems are minor instead of waiting and possibly encountering a major disaster.

Berkey’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has specialized in the needs of homeowners in Westlake, Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville and Flower Mound for 35 years. Berkey’s reputation for prompt, honest service from licensed and highly trained technicians assures customers the best in professional service and equipment. In fact, Berkey’s has been named the “Best Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company” by newspaper readers in Northeast Tarrant County for the past four years. Don’t take our word for it – listen to what Berkey’s customers have to say at

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