Home Energy Audit: First Step to Profit from “Cash for Caulkers” Stimulus Plan

Dallas, TX – Jan. 21, 2010 – Somewhere in Washington the wheels are turning to stamp out a brand new economic stimulus plan that promises to benefit homeowners and small businesses while creating jobs and saving energy.

That may sound like fantasy, but it’s right on the money. Home energy experts say most American homes are far from efficient, and huge savings are available to homeowners who invest some time and money to achieve them, beginning with an energy audit. This prompts a good news-bad news response from home energy expert Jamie Wooldridge.

“The good news is that homeowners will be able to get Homestar funds to upgrade large appliances and heating and cooling systems, add insulation and do weatherizing that will make their homes more energy efficient,” Wooldridge said. “The bad news is that a lot of shysters will be calling on homeowners, misrepresenting the facts and exaggerating their own capabilities.”

Wooldridge is president of Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., which specializes in making homes more energy efficient, safe and comfortable. He says while it is too early to know what the final legislation will look like, most experts following the situation say it is likely to involve tax credits as well as cash rebates on products and services that reduce energy costs.

The “cash for caulkers” name came from a government executive developing the program, comparing it to the popular “Cash for Clunkers” program last year that paid consumers to trade in older gas-guzzlers on new, fuel efficient vehicles. The money for that plan ran out in a few days, not weeks, as the government had anticipated.

Wooldridge said the Homestar stimulus plan may prove equally popular. He advises people to start making plans now so they won’t be left out. He also said consumers should learn how to tell legitimate experts from unqualified opportunists who could end up causing more problems than they solve.

“The best way to start is with a home energy audit to find out where your home is costing you money,” Wooldridge said. “Work with companies you know and trust, not someone who comes knocking at your door unannounced. If you don’t know a home energy specialist, look for companies that are certified by the Residential Energy Services Network, RESNET.”

RESNET was formed in 1995 by the US mortgage industry, the National Association of State Energy Officials, and Energy Rated Homes of America to promote construction of more energy efficient homes. Berkeys is certified by RESNET to perform home energy audits, and is available to answer questions about energy audits by phone or online.

The HERS rating system is index-based, with a value of zero representing absolute efficiency – no energy usage. A score of 100 represents the energy used by the average new American home, also called the American Standard Building. Most older homes score above 100 because they were built without using newer building techniques and materials developed with energy efficiency in mind. Homeowners should make every effort to have a HERS rating less than 100.

About Berkeys
Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has specialized in the needs of homeowners in Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville and Flower Mound for more than 34 years. Berkeys reputation for prompt, honest service from licensed and factory trained technicians assures customers the best in professional service and equipment. Berkeys is HERS-certified by RESNET to conduct home energy audits to RESNET’s strict standards. To learn more, call Berkeys at 1-877-BERKEYS, or visit our Website at https://www.berkeys.com.

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