Home Energy Audits Show How to Slash Electric Bills

Chuck Kelly is saving hundreds of dollars each month on utility bills because of a home energy audit and corrective action taken by Berkey’s, the Home Energy Management Company. Kelly’s electric bill dropped a whopping 40 percent the first full month.

Southlake, TX – November 19, 2008 – Chuck Kelly believes in the money saving power of home energy audits. When his electric bill climbed to $794.44 in June, he called Berkey’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning to get a professional analysis.

By August, the first full month following the audit and corrective action, Kelly’s electric bill had dropped to $473.41, a 40 percent decline, even though August was hotter than June. Not only is Kelly saving a lot of money, he says his house is more comfortable now because of better air flow.

Berkey’s newly earned certification by the Residential Energy Services Network, or RESNET, to perform home energy audits to HERS – short for Home Energy Rating System – standards makes the company one of only a handful of Texas companies so recognized.

The HERS rating standard was developed by California-based RESNET to provide incentives for developing greater home energy efficiency improvements. HERS programs are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, Energy Star, and the Department of Energy “Building America” program.

When Kelly called, Berkey’s sent HERS-certified technicians who inspected air conditioning systems and ducts. They pressure-tested the roof, walls, doors and windows for costly leaks.

A heat-sensing infrared camera helped find poorly insulated spots in walls, floors and ceilings. Berkey’s also inspected the water heaters and home’s plumbing system. All the findings were compiled into a computer-generated analysis that showed precisely where cost savings were available.

“Berkey’s literally showed me where energy was leaking out of my house,” Kelly said. “It was great to see exactly where the problems were and learn how to correct them to lower my electric bills.”

The HERS rating system is index-based, with a value of 100 representing the energy used by the average new American home, also called the American Standard Building. Most older homes produce audited scores above 100 because they did not incorporate newer building techniques and materials developed with energy efficiency in mind.

Home energy expert Jamie Wooldridge, Berkey’s president, says a perfect HERS score would be zero, which would indicate no net purchased energy for that home. “A zero HERS score isn’t a realistic outcome for most homes, but homeowners should make every effort to score as far below 100 as possible,” Wooldridge said.

Regardless of materials used or a home’s age, the Environmental Protection Agency says more than half of all homes have one or more energy wasting problems caused by faulty installation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Such problems usually are not detected unless the home owner looks for them by having an energy audit. While the homes may be cool, the HVAC equipment works well below its rated efficiency, which causes higher utility bills and shortened equipment life.

RESNET was formed in 1995 by the US mortgage industry, the National Association of State Energy Officials, and Energy Rated Homes of America. The RESNET Website, www.natresnet.org provides more information about RESNET and the HERS Index, and Berkeys staff is available to answer questions about home energy audits at 817-481-5869.

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