Help Available to Fight Rising Electric Bills

Industry expert says homeowners can save most on soaring electric bills by tuning up central air conditioning system.

SOUTHLAKE, TX – Aug. 18, 2006 – As the heat wave and higher electricity costs in North Texas combine to ring up record electric bills, an industry expert says help may be closer than most people think.

Jamie Wooldridge, president of Southlake-based Berkey’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning cites two common problems that keep most homeowners from getting good performance from their cooling equipment – air flow and dirt. Insufficient air flow makes AC equipment cycle more often and run longer, and that makes for higher electric bills.

“It’s good to have proper insulation and well-sealed doors and windows, but the energy savings they offer are miniscule compared to the savings a well-tuned central air conditioning system provides,” Wooldridge said.

“New 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) equipment offers a 30 percent improvement over the old 10 SEER standard, but most people don’t come close to getting the performance they’re paying for because of inadequate air flow. People with older, 10-SEER or lower rated equipment may actually be getting only 4- or 5-SEER performance, and that makes for very high electric bills.”

Compounding the problem, when HVAC equipment runs more often than it should it wears out sooner than the 8-to-12 years it should last in North Texas.

Wooldridge says homeowners should have a qualified, factory-trained air conditioning specialist inspect their central air conditioners now because we still have several weeks of hot weather to endure. His company, and many others, offers an annual inspection and maintenance plan that helps home owners see if their equipment is performing efficiently, and if not, what it would take to boost its performance.

“Many homeowners are pleased to find they don’t need to replace older equipment to save money; they just need to get the performance they’ve paid for,” Wooldridge said.

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